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shucking corn is a chore best put off until mom says get to it. at edgewood slept in hartford county these kids couldn't wait to get their hands on it. >> to me it's easy. >> it's pretty easy. >> reporter: it's the kickoff of hds farm to home program. >> children truly learn where their food comes from. it's not produced in a grocery store or factory somewhere. >> reporter: it's a win, win for the local farmer. >> i have kind of taken it personal. i deliver to cafeteria my wife and i. it's putting a little seed in the back of their mind fresh is better. when they eat the sweet corn for lunch it's going to knock their taste buds. >> reporter: even fancy chefs with great hats know that kids can sometimes be picky. >> i have kids of my own. so we just try to get them to eat vegetables. you have to be creative and try to do different things that is outside what they might normally try. >> reporter: fresh produce is standard fare in the edgewood cafeteria. >> actually they never say icky food or vegetable. it has broadened their perception what's available to them. >> reporter:
, in edgewood, harford county. this police station serves the area of harford count wethe worst crime. -- county with the worst crime. can moving outut ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. >>> it is 5:28. 76 degrees outside and partly sunny. good eveni
in harford county. sky eye chopper 13 is live over the scene in edgewood. police say both victims were wounded in the 800 block of fisherman lane. it appears both suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> the crime shocked the city. tonight, a 14-year-old girl is indicted on murder and armed robbery charges. prosecutors say arteesha holt. one of the victims died last tuesday. police say sheoped -- she opened fire on them after they laughed at her. her brother also is charged. >>> a shooting victim has died, after he begged for help inside a west baltimore store. tonight, his killer is still on the loose. mary is in the newsroom with details for us. mary? >> reporter: the 33-year-old victim stumbled into a carryout store after somebody shot him several times. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene as police responded over the 1500 block of braddish court around 1:00 this afternoon. officers found the victim lying injured on the ground. medics rushed him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. right now, police say they're searching for at least one suspect. denise, back to you. >
is recovering after he was shot in edgewood yesterday. cody wilson was at the scene of a fight in the 800 block of fishermen lane. that is when shots rang out. he was taken to hopkins hospital. another victim was treated for superficial wounds. >> opening statement in the murder trial of kenneth harris are now set for monday. after more than a week, a jury has finally been seated in this case. blacks their work -- >> there were five different jury panels over five different days. hundreds of people were potential jurors. 12 have been chosen. after a long jury selection process, attorneys are eager for a testimony to begin. >> it was as good as i could have hoped. if i could not be any happier. >> they are accused of shooting hair is back in september of 2008 during an armed robbery. jury selection started september 2. friday, it took less than an hour for the final part of the process. the people who will decide the case are eight african-american women, three african-american men, and one white male. the four alternates are african- american women. publicity about the case made jury selection
motive in this case. 50 minutes earlier, police were called to 1500 block of edgewood street. a man was shot in the back and chest. police say he was involved in a fight downtown earlier this morning. no arrests have been made. following overnight tests, certainty is now here. >> it began april 20 it with a massive fireball and deadly flames cutting through the night air. as the deep water horizon rig exploded and collapsed, 11 lives were lost. and oil began to seep into the gulf, the start of the worst spill in u.s. history. 150 days later, it is quiet with no ceremonial fanfare. government scientists say that the final seal, 74 barrels of cement, once stood over night pressure tests and that the well will never leaked again president obama acknowledged the work that has been done and perhaps the most difficult job that lies ahead. "we will continue to work closely with the people of the gulf, to rebuild their livelihoods, and restore the environment that supports them. my administration will see our communities, businesses, and fragile ecosystems through this difficult time." thos
here. -- we could use a little rain here. at b.w.i. marshall, it is 77. 81 in cambridge. edgewood, parkton, westminster, frederick up to 82. -- 70's havefoste prospered and attended to mostly sunny, very pleasant. south to southeast winds at five to 10 miles per hour. sunset's this evening at 7:29. here is the satellite image. here is the high pressure. it forecast for the day. -- great forecast for today. the nice, dry air approaching the high pressure. this kind of connected in a lose weight with the " front -- this is kind of connected in a loose sort of way with a cool front. we also have the new tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. it is not going to last very long. this storm actually will get caught up in the upper flow of wind once it gets into the central part of the u.s. here is the storm in the ex expected path as moves towards texas. then out into the plains states, and at that point, some of the moisture should be drawn in our direction. here we are dry for a few days. there is a cool front. i would not depend on that for any rainfall. here is hermine with moisture i
, but rain is not in the immediate forecast. 79 at annapolis now. edgewood 75. parkton 72. frederick 70. temperatures in the upper 70's and mid 60's out in far western maryland. here you see the satellite imanl and you see that front coming out of ohio, and clouds out of ahead of it in parts of west virginia, western maryland, and western pennsylvania all over the mountains now. the cloud echo moving in may be a sprinkle were that activity out in the mountains. it looks like that's behind this. a much drier air mass is what the map will look like this evening. the front will move off to our south. slightly cooler air today, but a wave will move along that front and that means a chance of rain moving into the area. our forecast today, mostly sunny, clouds this morning, unseasonnably warm, still 83 to 87 the high. about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. west winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. 66:59 the sunset. -- 6:59 the sunset. we start picking up clouds. by late in the day, probably after sunset, we could see shower chag chances, with rain chances going up on monday and tuesday and taper
's deputies have a pair of suspects in custody. in the case of a dble shooting in edgewood, we're told the two victims were taken to a hospital for treatment, though one only suffered a graze wound. no word if the two people arrested at the scene have been officially charged. >> the man charged in a road rage murder is back behind bars this morning after being released on bail last week. yesterday a judge revoked the million dollar bail issued to secure the release of james king. king is accused of killing calvin young as he sat at a red light. prosecutors argue king was a danger to the community and a flight risk at yesterday's bail review hearing. after more than a week of selection, a jury could be seated as early as today in the murder trial of former baltimore city councilman. they tell the "baltimore sun" they hope to have 12 jurors and two alternates seated by this morning. that could allow opening statements in the robbery and murder to begin on monday. the judge hearing the case has told potential jurors the trial could last more than a month. >> attorneys filing sexual harassment cha
at edgewood northbound left lane blocked. crews are headed to the scene. traffic sluggish approaching the accident. foggy on the peninsula. we have a fog advisory for highway 1 through half moon bay. all through san mateo county. that will affect your drive through pacifica as well as through daly city. use caution this morning. 101 a live look through mountain view, traffic is a little congested through there. it's moving up to speed but you can see extra volume there through mountain view. that's 101 at san antonio. that's a loo your roadways. tracy has weather. >> thank you. fog, drizzle, mist clouds out there for the morning. this afternoon temperatures backing off. 80 in antioch, 79 pleasanton, 76 san jose, 76 santa clara, 69 hayward, 70 oakland. mid-60s in san francisco. mid-70s in santa rosa and also in sonoma. temperatures pretty much in the same ballpark for the rest of the bay area. we'll take a look at your weekend forecast in just a few moments. >>> police say it is the fourth sexual assault at the same walnut creek apartment complex in the past two months. the latest repo
a drowning in edgewood. investigators say he drowned after he fell off a pier last night around midnight. died teams found his body under the pier. right now, there is no evidence of foul play. firefighters have their hands full with a two-alarm fire in west river. they were called last night and it took about 90 minutes to give the fire under control. fortunately no one was injured. the causes under investigation. >> stay with us. a lot more news ahead including the celebration of citizenship in baltimore county. >> tonight, we learn more about what happened when a high school student was killed trying to cross this intersection in the hartford county last week. >> you think you had animated discussions about the ravens today? john harbaugh explains his heated thoughts from yesterday's game later in sports. >> a beautiful monday afternoon with the beautiful temperatures. it will stay that way for another day or so. heat and humidity on the way. your seven-day forecast coming up. up >> more than one dozen people were welcome during a celebration as citizens of this morning. it included 2
, but will get more in the next 48 hours or so. annapolis, 69. edgewood, 70. frederick is at 72. 58, mchenry. here are the clouds. the really humid air is off to the west. some little waves moving along the front will stir things up and dragged the moisture from the south. it will take a couple of days. we will be wet. a couple of showers overnight. northeast winds @ 5. the overnight low was in the 60's. is in the 60's to 70's. there could be some persistent and heavy rain tomorrow. how much rain are we talking about? monday, tuesday, quite a bit. in the baltimore area, anywhere from 1.5 to 2 inches. this will make up for the shortfall we are running right now. southeast winds will be 5-10. forecasters are watching a lot of activity in the tropics. there is this assist -- suspicious-looking formation that might affect parts of the eastern seabord later next week. we will see how that develops. here is the moisture coming up. futurecast -- monday, 8:00 a.m., a couple of bands of rain moving through. the second band comes through tuesday morning. it may include thunderstorms. a condition shoul
of deadly overnight shootings. police were called to edgewood street in northwest baltimore around 4:30 a.m. were 26-year- old isaiah white was shot in the back. he died at the hospital. investigators believe this was a result of a fight he was involved in the night before. they have several leads. 15 minutes later, a man was found with a gunshot wound to the head on bonaparte avenue in northeast baltimore. no word on a possible motive and no arrests made in either shooting. officials say the doctor would in last thursday's shooting at johns hopkins is improving. dr. cohen has been upgraded to good condition. he was shot in the abdomen by a 54 -- a 50-year-old man after briefing him about his mother's condition. an american woman freed from my iranian prison is now calling for the release of her fiance and friend. shourd spoke in new york city since her release on tuesday. she spent more than 13 months in the notorious prison along with her fiancee and a friend. the three were arrested while hiking in 2009 and were accused of spying. >> this is not the time to celebrate. my disappointment
in serious condition tonight after an edgewood shooting. deputies got calls about a fight last night in the 800 block of fisherman's lane. when they got there they found 20-year-old co-ty wilson. he had been shot in the lower torso. deputies say they believe the incident stemmed from a fight. they said they have detained a person of this connection with these shootings. >>> prince george's county officials are stepping up patrols around the university of maryland after a rash of robberies. university police chief david mitchell says he's considering forge a task force to focus on the problem. county police say they have recorded five robberies in the past three weeks prompting police to step up patrols and urge students to be more on alert. >>> one driver is dead and another in serious condition at shock trauma tonight after a head-on crash on 795 early this morning. maryland state police say 33- year-old david earl patterson of reisterstown was traveling south in the northbound lanes of the highway in his toyota corolla when he was struck by an coming car. >> the two of them hit
on that in a second. still relatively mild now, edgewood has dropped to 69, fort meade 64, across the bay at rock hall, the temperature is 72, but more importantly, the dewpoints have dropped. still he met down on the lower eastern shore -- still humid. the dewpoints have dropped sharply, baltimore down to 47, 48 at frederick. the lower dewpoints have made considerably drier, more comfortable, and the temperatures fall correspondingly. 56 at pittsburg, 53 in chicago. we will not get the cold as of that air, but it will be more comfortable here. there is a rain out there, too. here is one front that is trying to pass through. another one is washing out. the key is there will be a boundary, a divider between the coolest of the air and the warm, stickies osticky stuff. eventually there will be a chance for some rain. tonight, cooler temperatures, a 57-62 with a light north wind. tomorrow because will get bigger which hours after sunset. game time tomorrow, 1:00 in the afternoon downtown. mostly cloudy skies by that time. a northeast wind at 10 miles an hour. voters can expect northeast winds with gusts u
on to train tracks. it happened at 9:00 this morning on metropolitan avenue and edgewood road the csx trains have been stopped while officials investigate. the unidentified man suffered serious nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> a pedestrian is rushed to the hospital after he was struck while crossing the street. it happened just before 6:30 this morning at central avenue and garrett morgan boulevard in hyattsville. they say the man walked in to anyon coming car. the driver stayed at the scene. at this point there is no word on the condition of the man. >>> a meltdown of the computers caused a problem for drivers. the automated system on the franconia dmv went on the fritz self hours yesterday and two weeks ago a mass server failed shutting down services across the commonwealth. the company that provides computer services to virginia is looking in to what caused the problem at the dmv and 25 orstate agencies. northrop grumman says it will pay for the end review. they have a $2.4 billion ten- year contract with virginia. >>> everyone should a wash their hands, and it appears women are more vig
are investigaainggtw3 weekend homicides. the first happenee at 420 on sunday morning t edgewood isaiah white was shot in the back and the hest. he was taken toothe hospital and died a short time later. police say white had been in n argument earlier that might and they have several leads they are working. the other shooting happeeed about 15 minutes later along bonaparte avenue in east baltimore. % man was shot in the head. a short time later. police have no motives for suspect in had a shooting..3 >>> a teenager was trying tt cross the street when it %-joey was out with friends onú by a car tryyng to makeea leftk turn near route and left pump road in bel air. even though the teen wassusing tte crosswall, the car reported %-reeembering the boston high school freshman who played inn3 the band and was a inebacker for the jv ffotball team n touch my life, yes, i wiil be forever changed. >> funeral services for joey dentremont will be held this went afternoon at cook auditorium. the family is asking that in lieu of flowers donations be made for the the boston foottall recreation program. >>> police a
that attacked a woman in edgewood. this man wassin a car with the drivvr asked the victim if she wanted a ride. once the victim got in, she was robbed and tased. but managed to get away. annyne with information should call the harford county sheriff's departmeet. teacher's aide accused of abusing a 8-year-old girl is in the hands of a judge. karl walkkr wrote if you have 50 to 60 sexually exploit police sit letterr to this girl duriig the time at bryant woods elementary. no physical abuse, but they sayú it covers emotional abuse as well. verdict by friday. >> suupect accused in a murder-for-hire plot strikes a deal as the trial is supposed to begin. 28-year-old mathew brown was3 charged with first-degree murder %-william porter. the death ofú brown is one of six people that planned porter's killing. porter was shot to death in %-station in towson.is hess gas another suspect shame mus coil was found guilty on monday. >> a former navy lacrosse player among those killed in yesterday's helicopter crash in afghanistan. brendan loonee one of nine coalition serrice members killed. looney grew up in
continue to search for a pair of suspects in the these deadly shootings. the recall to edgewood street about 4:30 sunday morning where they found isaiah white shot in the back. he was taken to an area hospital where he later died. they believe the violence stems from a fight from the night before. police say they are making progress in the investigation. 15 minutes later, police found a man shot in the head. no word on a possible motive or suspects in this case. if you have any information, you are asked to call metro crime -up.pers at866-7-lock0 >> the doctor shot at johns hopkins is continuing to improve. he was shot in the abdomen by a man after briefing him about his mother's medical condition. after issuing dr. cohen, he shot and killed his mother then turned the gun on himself. >> economists are saying the recession ended in to thousand nine. president obama got hammered today about the improving economy. this is key to the november elections. we have more from washington. >> i am exhausted of defending you and your administration. obama supporters late into him. >> i voted for a
apparently gone into a home. let's go to captain mike perry with more. this is edgewood, harford county. where it looks like a utility work vehicle has collided with a house. but apparently not before striking a pole. this is all causing fire officials to remain back a little bit. you see substantial damage. looks like the driver of the vehicle has gotten out of the vehicle. and police are maintaining a distance. fortunately, looks like no one in the house was serearly injured. but this is causing a major delay. in the edgewood area, we'll continue to monitor the situation. >>> targeted by hackers. twitter service is now back to normal after they created tweets. >>> twitter now says the hack has been, quote, fully patched and no longer works. >>> singer wyclef jean is withdrawing his candacy for the race am -- candidacy for the race. he says he will spend more time focusing on his music. and he has no regrets about his campaign. >>> senate blocks a bill. republicans pulled back when democrats tried to push through the bill. >> the senate has voted against repealing don't ask, don't tell
is a bacteria that can cause potentially fatal pneumonia. >>> crime has been easing slightly in the edgewood area. mike schuh reports, more resources are heading into that stretch. >>> odds are, if there's a crime, it will be committed in the southeast part of the county. but the police station for this area was long ago obsolete. and should say dangerous. >>> this southern precinct is something that has been needed for a long time. >>> they're moving out of this building. it used to be a convenience store. now they say it is horribly overcrowding. >> so the sheriff today got his wish. they're all smiles. that's because this is going to be built. a $10 million new police station for the southern district. >> we're committed to making sure these areas are good, viable places to live. >> viable also for the officers who, in effect, live their work life here. >> it's going to be a big morale booster. -- the gog give us the space we need to do our operations. >> when a deputy is out on the road and his mind is where it needs to be, and he feels good about his job, his work profit is better. >> t
earlier, police were called to the 2900 block of edgewood street. we're told 28-year-old isaiah white was shot in the back and chest and later died at a hospital. police say white was involved in a fight downtown earlier saturday evening. detectives have leads in the case. fire officials investigating what caused a two-alarm fire in west river. flames broke out in the 4900 block of chalk point road. and in anne arundel county, three schools will be closed due to a water main break, including chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school, folger mckinsey elementary school. government scientists and b.p. engineers say the well responsible for the worst oil spill in u.s. history will never leak again. the final seal, 74 barrels of cement, withstood pressure tests. many believe the cleanup and aftermath from the spill is far from over with possibly thousands of gallons of oil lying on the ocean floor. democratic senator ben cardin is weighing in on the controversy of the bush-era tax cuts. he joins lisa robinson to discuss about what will likely be a big issue come the election in
wires in the area, as well. avoid the area. you can do that by using edgewood lane as an alternate. on the outer loop, everything is moving clearly here. the live shot at university a great example of that. we are tracking the 495 drive in virginia where you are losing lanes on the interloop due to construction. that should be clearing in the next half hour or so and you want to watch for roadwork between route 7 making your way to the dulles toll road. switch over to 395, nice and quiet. lanes are wide open past duke street. before that, 95, drivers are moving at speed from fredericksburg past the prince william parkway to the springfield spore change. back to you. >>> everything shook except the floor. now we know what sparked that deadly explosion just near san francisco overnight. pacific gas and electric says one of gas lines erupted. at least one person was killed and 50 homes were destroyed. the entire neighborhood has been evacuated, and hours after the blast several people are missing and feared dead. >> supposed to be in the er at 11:00 and i can't show because i can't fi
down. we're already at 72 at the airport. we mentioned 71 in columbia. edgewood 72. chestertown across the bay is 73 degrees. you can see the effect of the front across the bay. pittsburgh only 51. chicago 52. milwaukee 44. and up at international falls, 37 degrees. we're not going to get that chilly. but chilly air is pushing in. the key to this whole thing is the front moving in. here it is out to our west. we'll be settling to our south and stalling in southeast virginia. then a couple waves will be moving along a sfront. so we bonet really get into that cool air up in the great lakes because we'll be too close to the front. we will push down this warm, humid stuff just far enough south to make things more comfortable by tomorrow. the thing is, with these waves moving along its front, they will pull in moisture off the atlantic ocean. that produces clouds and that ups our chance for rain eventually. we'll see the front approaching. still unseasonnably warm but not as hot as yesterday. 83 to 87 the high. west winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. look at the sunset time. sunsetting befor
in montgomery county. it was a long metropolitan avenue along edgewood road in kensington. the pedestrian suffered just a minor leg injury. authorities have not said if the driver will face charges. and some prince george's county bus drivers said they will not return to work until their demands are met. passengers have had to wait as many as 40 minutes or longer than normal for a ride on the bus. the driver said they want better pay and job security. fares on the bus are suspended until the strike ends. >> having a tough day here on the geico camera. as you can see, a pretty tough day. just slow traffic. all your lanes are open, no problems ahead of you. this is going to begin somewhere around 355. georgetown road, as you can see, everything is fine, but as you get past this, is when everything slows down on the beltway. this ends it just ran millington and in your good all the way to fredericksburg, which is better than i can usually tell you on southbound 95 in virginia. >> coming up, the best companies for working mothers. see which local businesses made the list. >> and a revelation
taken into custody at the scene in edgewood. this morning there's no word on if the victims were taken to hospitals. >> a federal california judge dechairs the u.s. military's ban on openly gay service members unconstitutional. the united states district judge virginia phillips says she will grant a request for an en junction halting the government's don't ask, don't tell policy for gays in the military. she believes the policy does not help military readiness, and instead, has a deleterious effect on the armed services. government lawyers argue phillips lacks the authority to issue an en junction and believe the issue should be dealt with by congress. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you agree that the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is unconstitutional? email your response to watercooler@wbaltv.com. again, that's watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> in this morning's education alert, five maryland public schools can now add a national blue ribbon to their list of accomplishments. >> word came down from washington yesterday. 11 news education reporter tim tooth
's shooting at hopkins. >> police are looking for suspects in edgewood. an attack happened before 8:00 p.m. at pulaski highway. the victim was offered a ride home by a woman driving a silver-colored car. she was attacked with a stun gun while inside by two white males. one of foam is described in this composite sketch. she managed to escape. anyone with information is asked to call the harford county sheriff's office. a shipping company is paying millions of dollars to several states for illegally dumping contaminated waste into area waters. video shows crewmembers dumping about 6,000 gallons of waste and sludge into the water recently. it is not clear where the dumping took place. irika shipping admitted to covering it up. they will pay $5 million in fines. some will be used to clean up the chesapeake bay. >> maryland is becoming the first state to require students to become environmentally literate. lessons are already a part of the teaching schedule. the chesapeake bay foundation is leading the charge to making this an interval part to the curriculum. the state board stopped short to
and edgewood. because, we still think higher than average tides in the bay tonight in the wake of the last storm. another one beginning to approach tomorrow evening. overnight tonight still dry, 57 cooler. a nice west wind. we'll start off the day nice. early sun. 2-degree guarantee, we're going 73 for you. that is a nicer day, but clouds building in, in the afternoon. probably mostly cloudy by this time tomorrow evening. a chance of rain really picks up tomorrow night. in fact, there will be some possible flooding developing pretty quickly overnight tomorrow night. then we think in through the -- at least the first half of the day on thursday. again, once we clear that out though we're looking good for the weekend here. drier conditions, only into the 60s for highs. saturday, sunday and into monday. so, if you've been waiting for fall to arrive it's going to get here but it will take until this weekend. >>> week two of "dancing with the stars" is in the books. it was certainly an interesting night on the dance floor which included a painful promise, a boost for one dancer and a reaction t
shooting happened just after 4:30 this morning in the 2900 block edgewood street. the 28-year-old isiah white was shot in the back and chest. he was taken to the hospital and died a short time later. police are looking for suspects. >>> the latest now onto doctor who was shot by the son of an elderly patient. he is doing better. he was shot in the stomach on thursday. the gunman became upset after finding news about his mother. after the shooting. >>> a similar scene in southwestern germany. authorities say a woman opened fire in a hospital killing at least one person and hurting several others before taking her own life. no word on why this woman went on the rampage. >>> finally an ending to the worst off shore oil spill in united states history. the well has been declared dead. after one last test of the cement plug the man in charge, thad allen said the well pose no, sir further threat. the president called the kill a milestone and promises to work closely with the people in the gulf as they rebuild their lively hood and restore the environment >> all right. we have sun in here toda
. right now, cool. it is 50 degrees in tawnytown. 57 in edgewood, 57 degrees in rising sun in cecil county. we are picking up cloud cover. clear skies here in maryland, and we'll see a lot of sunshine during the day today. a cold front will come through here tomorrow night. there could be sprinkles as the front comes through. notice how chilly the air mass is here. watch the loop that goes back. a little going up across parts of north dakota and montana. this front will come through here tomorrow night with the possibility of a brief shower. should be dry during the day today. in the short term, the high pressure will keep the skies clear, bringing in cool conditions that we have this morning. i'll show you the seven-day forecast and give you an update on the tropics. igor still the major players. julia has been downgraded to a tropical storm. that will stay out in the atlantic. igor is a can the angry two storm. it will travel up across the island of bermuda, tomorrow night. they will start to see tropical storm kigs as early as -- conditions as early as tomorrow morning. keep that in min
. 55 in parkton. 52 at fort meade. 61 in a edgewood. it is a little warmer downtown and near the water. we should see a beautiful sunrise. because of the-cloud deck. there is no precipitation in the cloud deck. the nearest rain is in new england. this may give a some rain by the end of the week, late thursday and into friday morning. we have this cold front that will come through this afternoon. you will hardly notice it. we do not expect any rain as this front comes through. let me give a quick update on the tropics. this is hurricane igor with sustained winds of 135 miles per hour. it is a category four hurricane. it looks like the storm is very well organized. lookout compact the swirl is -- look how compact the swirl is. most of the computer models keep it off shore. it will be close that we need to watch it going into the weekend. a mixed of clouds and sunshine. high temperatures will be in the upper 70's and low 80's. overnight, mostly clear and turning cooler. temperatures will drop back into the 50's. seven-day forecast looks like this. a nice day on wednesday. clouds will thic
some rain. it is not in the immediate forecast. annapolis, 71. on the boardwalk, 70. 69, edgewood. 67 in westminster. in the 60's in far western maryland. we see more of the red and a little bit on the humid side. here is the warm front move again. but tonight, early on saturday, this cool front will be coming in. behind it, cool temperatures, less humidity. the degrees will be stepping down as we go through the weekend. 90 to 95 this weekend. humidity levels will be up, but not as high as in july. southwest winds of about 5 to 15 miles per hour. the sun said its earlier and .arlier each evening pyrrhi a cool front approaching from the west. it indicates some cloudiness. there might be a sprinkle. it doesn't look like much. it is not very impressive. the front goes through essentially dry. we will see more moisture to the south on sunday. there will be a disturbance down there. during the day on sunday, we will probably pick up some clouds and maybe some rain showers. that will start to get close to us by sunday night. 92 today and humid. 84 tomorrow and less humid. still plenty of su
's. down to 62 degrees in white marsh. edgewood. 60's in pasadena at 59. some of the western mountain regions will probably be in the upper 40 poesi's. clouds moving in. skies are clear across central and eastern maryland. mostly cleared towards morning. 63 at the inner harbor. sunrise at 6:48 on wednesday morning. it is out over the northern lakes. that will bring us another beautiful day tomorrow, under dry conditions. beautiful sunshine. our next shot of rain it should get here thursday night. until then, beautiful weather. 77 tomorrow. sunset at 7:15 waves in. wednesday evening. picture-perfect out in western maryland. the leaves will probably start turning up pretty soon. towards the end of september, and it will be that kind of weather. sunshine -- after 40's in the morning. lots of sunshine on shore. annapolis should hit 80 degrees. same thing at st. michael's and cambridge. or eastern shore about the same. most spots and the low 80's. low humidity and lots of sunshine. the tropics is where the headlines are being made. igore is almost a category five. the winds are up
or thunderstorm into the night. the clouds kept us milder. 63 around edgewood this morning. we will see a mixture of clouds and sons and a good chance of showers and storms in the mountains, 75. above normal yet again before that rain started to hit us in the scattered variety. the wind will also be a factor today. generally out of the south and switching out of the northwest tomorrow. 85 degrees and partly cloudy skies down at the lower eastern shore. small-craft advisory is in affect. the waves will be about 3 feet. the normal height today is 78 degrees. we will be above that yet again. the clouds will insulate us overnight. 63 in the outlying areas. the gusty winds out of the southwest at 20 miles per hour. add some rain into the mix. but the showers should be brief. we have all this warmer air pushing it across the area from the warm front. high pressure moved offshore along the movement of this cold front which will sweep the area tonight and the fact this by tomorrow. igor is still a massive monster with 145 miles per hour sustained winds. it is appalling its way toward bermuda. arbutus it
at elkton. edgewood 58. down to 46 at frederick, and 45 at mchenry. here's the satellite imaginary. the clouds dissipate. there are clouds from the bay eastward. they are spotty. thunderstorms. the strongest of the storms have dissipated. we start letting this thing move east. the ravens will be from the mountains westward. the rain chances will increase. today looks pretty good. a mix of sun. eventually a few clouds drifting into the picture. i think we will see more sun than we saw yesterday. seasonnably warm. 77 to 81 the high. southeast winds. bolters in the bay can expect a northeast wind starting out at 10 to 15 knots, but diminishing, and insta-weather futurecast shows the rain system coming in. so during the day tomorrow, scattered showers. maybe a rumble of thunder in there. mostly just rain shower activity before dawn. there is a chance for it. so there's your sunday rain chance. 81 on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday all look dry with temperatures in the 70's. another rain chance in the week. >> patricia jessamy drawing new criticism. >> first, a look at last night's
. 73 annapolis. easton 72. and at edgewood, 68. frederick 64. and it is in the 50's in far western maryland. here's the satellite imaginary. here -- i -- we're following tropical storm earl headed toward canada now. there is no big storm in here at all. nice quiet weather oaf the next few days. and more importantly, it falls on this holiday weekend. what timing. but the sun is the dominant thing during the day today. 77 to 82 for the high temperature. small craft advisories will be out. gusts to 25 are expected. not too windy right now, though. a two-foot chop. so water temperatures are still relatively mild. the ocean city forecast, sunny all weekend long. breezey today. a high of 85. 80 on sunday scomprk 80 on monday. now, the rip current risk is high. in the wake of the storm, the sea is still churned up. surf temperature post-ly in the low 70's. insta-weather futurecast, now there will be a storm track to the north of us, so we'll continue to see activity up there, and a couple more storms to the south will be kind of active with a lot of thunderstorms, but high pressure will d
have tied it. today is not the date to do that. easton, 55. 53 at the board. 55 in elkton. edgewood, 61. 52 in frederick. 46, frostburg. some chilly temperatures out in the mountains to the west. here is the big area of high pressure. you can see the clouds and they will go up and over this thing. we're expecting some drier weather today. we could see some clouds here and there. as we get on the west side of it, that will allow a the law more humidity and warmer temperatures to eventually slide into the area. mostly sunny and pleasant today. 81 to 85. south southeast wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. northeast winds southerly at 5 to 10 knots. over the next seven days, closed at 90 on tuesday. that is a mistake. i will have to fix that. it will be partly cloudy day on tuesday and a slight chance for a shower on wednesday. 90 will be the high. temperatures back off or a little bit. better chance for some rain over the weekend, especially on sunday. at that, it will be scattered. >> thank you. a girl is dead and six others injured after a gunman opened fire at a party at the los angeles sub
of metropolitan avenue and edgewood road. polic tell us the impact of the ash forced theictim on to nearby train tracks. service was halted for hours. the driver remaine on the scene. >> charlie mast is behind the wheel in the news 4 traffic network. >> we're looking live at the american legion bridge where you can see lots of volume on the outer loop beltway. you'll see very slow goin on the outer loop. normally start to see that delay coming around heading into silver springs. southbound 95, we' look live at the springfield interchange. delays heading down to newington. it's the hov lane where the accident blocks the left lane. there's a brief delay in the interchange to get past it. once you do, you're in much better shape. >> thanks, charlie. >>> president obama and democraticleaders won a round today in the battle over the economy. the president's small business bill is now speeding toward paage. but in this election year, congress is closelidy voided over what to do about the recession, and how to campaign for the midterm elections. today it all came down to a single vote. steve handlesman
in edgewood tonight. after the game, french-year-old jeff rae of -- 47-year-old jeffrey fitzgerald. russian crews later found fitzgerald's body under the pier. >>> police are warning students to take precaution. early yesterday morning, a man walking near campus, was robbed by at least three people. it's the latest in a string of similar attacks near the university. police are asking students not to walk alone between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. >> well, a lot of monday morning quarterbacking around maryland today, after a disappointing and frustrating loss by the ravens on the road against the bengals. sports director mark viviano joins us live with a look at what went wrong. >> the monday mornings, a lot more intense after a loss. and football fans calling into my radio show today, unloaded a lot of anger and frustration about the game. they want to fire the officials and bench the quarterback. those are the most common suggestions in response to the first loss of the season. >>> in good times, the quarterback gets credit. in bad times, he gets blamed. so joe flacco is the subject of th
. 79 in randall's town. 78 in edgewood. across the bay in kent county, covers 70's around a rockhall. warmer in frederick and hagerstown. we have had some really nice weather here. you can see some thunderstorm producing clouds crossing the ohio valley river moving into west virginia and a big cluster of nasty storms coming down across the pope and us and the catskills toward north -- pokonos and the catskills. insta-weather + futurecast shows some heavy showers and storms right about the time the ravens and jets will start playing football lead 7:00 p.m. this evening with temperatures in the low 70's. these storms will be rolling through very quickly so by a 30 p.m., most of them will be east of long island and temperatures will be back. some showers and storms to contend with and then the sky should clear out. we expect clear to are the cloudy skies as we had there tonight and into the day tomorrow. the voters will be comfortable with 67-64 degrees. sunset is at 7:18 p.m. most of the energy with the current weather pattern along the u.s.-canadian border command of england will be c
of cecil county, across northern cecil county. a few weak small cells between abingdon and edgewood. and another popping up northwest of man manchester. you can see that moving in. that's moving to the southeast. you folks in northeast carroll county. that will be moving into your neighborhood even as we speak. so that may bring you wind gusts over 30, 40 miles an hour. and brief, heavy downpours and lightning as well. another batch in pennsylvania. that might move into northern maryland later tonight. we have an advisory for the possibility of still more thunderstorms. until about 10:00 tonight for the entire region, west of the bay. and you folks in eastern shore and delaware, until 11:00 tonight. severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect. denise? >>> thank you, bob. >>> security concerns prompt changes at baltimore's oldest mall. tonight, police are working with stores at mondaw min mall. police already have two suspects in custody. >> reporter: at mondawmin mall since mid-july, there have been three robberies. even a shop that sells perfume has been hit. police say they are wo
-double-o-d good >> some breaking news in northwest baltimore. >> liberty-and edgewood. the baltimore city fire department is working on an occupied dwelling. they have shut down the eastbound lane. we do not know the cause or have not heard of any energy -- heard of any injuries. if we hear anything tunnel will update you. >> thank you. >> horning that more blood could be shed, president obama urged world leaders at the united nations to stop tearing down israel and push for a peace deal. >> he suggested it could mean a new nation at the un -- palestine. we have the latest from new york. >> barack obama is still a star at the un. the assembly was packed and the applause were loud when the president offered a startling possibility. >> we could have an agreement could lead to a new member of the united nations, an independent, sovereign state of palestine, living in peace with israel. >> but can happen? the palestinian president said he would walk out of talks if the israeli prime minister does not extend a settlement freeze. the secretary of state has been pushing, but no deal. the president wa
in the joppatowne, edgewood areas. that's good news. we still have a little smoke coming off of this pole. so this is pretty much going to remain status quo here. >> thank you very much. captain mike perry, live in sky eye chopper 13. >>> a major ruling in the controversial death of a teen. isaiah simmons died at the bolingbrook preparatory school, after being detained by several counselors. a carroll county judge dismissed the charges against the counselors. but today's court of appeals reverses the ruling. all five will now face reckless endangerment charges. >>> bed bugs strike again. this time, it's triggered the massive cleanup of the entire library system. the pests were discovered in one of the state's newest libraries, in urbana, frederick county. wjz is live. adam may has the latest on this. >> reporter: it's a big response to this tiny problem. they're trying to keep the bed bugs from spreading. >> reporter: bed bugs creep their way into the urbana regional library in frederick county. >> it's rlings. how -- it's ridiculous. how could somebody get bed bugs in the books? >> a librari
involving a motorcycle in middle river. four in the city. washington boulevard. herman. edgewood at edmondson. and orleans at north gay. 95, nesh. -- northbound. still slow at 95. and another slow. that will set you back about 5 minutes. there's a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. 26 miles an hour on the top side inner loop between 83 and 95. there's a live look at the top side. that's at york road. that's a look at the west side at wilkens avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. hurry in and try any new breakfast. and looks like the western, egg white muffin melt. subway, eat fresh. back over to you. >> thank you, sharon. >>> all righty. take a look at these temperatures. another day, another 90-degree day. 91. southeast bay. come back and take a look at the friday and weekend. labor day forecast. that's live, ocean city right now. ,,,,,,,, as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 tri
edgewood moving around quickly around martin airport. around the rest of the airport, light scattered pockets of rain. to the west it continues. we have a chance of getting a quarter of an inch of rain this evening. later on, we could even get another thunder shower as the front will finally clear things out for the weekend and looking really, really good. kai? >>> still ahead at 4:00, we're staying live with complete coverage of the shooting inside johns hopkins hospital. a live report is moments away. >>> plus, working to protect embryonic stem cell research. >>> outside, the clouds are moving in. bob is updating the first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,, - friend: yeah? car owner: and this is what he had in my budget. friend: oh well, the top is down! car owner: the top is gone! friend: yeah, there's lot's of head-room! car owner: tons of head-room! careful! friend: ow! car owner: that's sharp. friend: cheese! car owner: yeah. sorry. carmax spokesperson: settling for less is not smart. what is smart is getting more car for your money at carmax. guaranteed quality used cars can cost a
fired brought police to the 2900 block of edgewood street. the victim, 26-year-old isaiah white, died of a gunshot wound to the back after reportedly getting into a fight downtown earlier the night before. police say they have several leads on this case, but so far, no one in custody. >> in anne arundel county, fire investigators trying to figure out what caused a home in edgewater to go up in flames. fire official say a second alarm had to be pulled before the blaze in the 4900 block of chalk point road could be contained. fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> elsewhere in anne arundel county, a water main break is forcing three area schools to close today. chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school, and folger mckinsey will all be closed today due to a water main break. >> no one thought the ravens would necessarily go undefeated this season, but chances are fans didn't think their first loss would come this soon. despite the defense holding the cincinnati bengals to field goals and only field goals, four interceptions thrown by joe flacco kept the ravens from putting many poin
was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of metropolitan avenue and edgewood road this morning and the impact knocked him onto the nearby railroad tracks. a rare service had to stop briefly. police say that man's injuries are not life-threatening. >>> sky 9 was also over a water main break in fredericks maryland. it left two places without water service. the problem is fixed this evening but willowdale drive is still closed to some traffic. >>> let's get a check on other trouble spots in our evening rush with patranya bhoolsuwan. >> thanks. a couple of accidents on the beltway cleared just in time as we get into the midst of this rush-hour, one is at inner loop at 66th, that are cleared but some days starting at galo all the way to the scene. on 66, that is really bad heading out west from 495 all the way past nutley to 7100, a 30 minute commute right now, and finally 395 and 95 all lanes wide open, no accidents reported there. back to you. >> thanks. >>> clinton portis jumped head first into the controversy of women in nfl locker rooms today. >> the washington redskins running
at edgewood but that could be the same crash. and the earlier accident on northbound 280, 380 has also been cleared. there is a stall though eastbound 380 near 101 blocking a lane. as we go outside we'll show you a live shot of the san mateo bridge. you don't see any fog here but you may encounter pockets of fog on 101 but thicker as you make your way into san francisco. also the earlier grass fire in san leandro and out of castro valley has been cleared westbound 580, all lanes open. looking good for meters in san rafael. >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:37. >> still ahead, the animal attacks that have one bay area community warning pet walkers to carry walking sticks. >> and a state board denies a victim's compensation claim by the mother of kidnap victim the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighb
. >> reporter: a local farmer comes to edgewood elementary school to teach students corn doesn't start in a plastic bag or a can. >> the students shuck corn and many have never done that. maurice jones farm is 1 mile from the school. >> this is the feed corn. >> reporter: the farm to school lunch week is a time for students to learn about agriculture and taste fresh produce, apples and corn on the cob is not what people are used to eating. >> i have hamburgers, chips if i have money on my account, and french fries. >> the purpose is to get local fruits and vegetables into our schools so our children can taste what real fruits and vegetables take like and it's to help our local economy. >> reporter: that this program helps students and local farmers who found a big market for their produce. >> i think it could eventually build to being good money for the farms. the stuff doesn't have to be shipped. >> reporter: for many years schools used the federal government military food distribution system to get food to schools. that makes it hard for local farmers to compete. but a new view of nu
have chilled down considerably. camebridge 54. 53 salisbury. edgewood 59. elk ton 56. chestertown 59. 59 west minister. and 47 at mchenry out in garrett county. that's chilly out in far western county. here's a weak cool front that has showers and a few wispy clouds. this will not have much affect on our weather at all. a big area of high pressure. we're on the east side of the high. that tends to be the cooler, drier side. the high pressure gets centered over the eastern seaboard or over the atlantic. that's like tuesday and wednesday. then there will be a front, which is now in nont montana will come in late kens and change things over once again. so until then, we have some pretty nice weather here in the next day or two. sunny and pleasant. that means low humidity. 75 to 79 the high. west winds at 7 to 12 miles an hour. for boaters on the bay today, not as windy as yesterday. still 10 to 15 knots. 81, 79, 80, so the bay water temperatures are showing these stations temperatures are nice and mild. you see the storm track to the north. that's where the rain activity will be as high
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